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  For race fans in New Jersey, before there was Billy Pauch, before there was Al Tasnady, before there was Jackie McLaughlin, there was Wally Campbell. Even my mother, who never attended an auto race in her life, brings up the name Wally Campbell whenever the conversation turns to racing. Wally's life was cut short in a practice accident at Salem Indiana in July 1954. There is no way of telling how far he would have gone. He was one day past his 28th birthday.

  Wally was born July 16, 1926 in Red Bank, NJ. Orphaned as a youngster, he grew up in Allentown, NJ with his twin brother Bruce in the home of Gus and Irene Feltman. After serving in the Navy during WWII, he came home in 1946 and began driving midgets and participating in thrill shows. In 1947, the same year as Frankie Schneider, he began his stock car career at Flemington NJ. 

  I have recently taken possession of my Uncle Tommy Coates box of racing memorabilia which covers from the late 1940's until his retirement as a driver in 1952. Uncle Tommy gave Wally a run for his money in the stock cars. His memorabilia includes many photos of Wally and his contemporaries. This website is my attempt at sharing all of it with you.

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