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Racing Articles

 Wally Campbell Era 1947-1954                            By Year    

 Atco Speedway 1950-1960                                   Part1      ***NEW***

 Central Jersey Speedway 1951-1964                    Part1      ***NEW***

 New Jersey Gravel Pits                                         By Track   ***NEW***

 Atlantic City Speedway at Amatol 1926-1928      Part1 

 Bayonne's Veteran Stadium  1949-1951                Part1 

 Capital City Speedway 1936                                 Part1 

 Dover Speedway 1936-1954                                 Part1

 Eastern Stock Car Racing Club 1948-1955           Part1 

 Flemington Fair Speedway 1911-1954                  Part1   Part2   Part3 

 Hinchcliffe Stadium 1939-1951                             Part1

 HoHoKus Speedway 1918-1938                            Part1

  Lincoln Speedway 1939-1941                               Part1

 Long Branch Stadium 1949-1951                         Part1   

 Morristown Speedway 1949-1951                        Part1 

 Mt Holly Fairgrounds 1911-1943                          Part1 

 Mt Holly Speedway 1954-1959                             Part1 

 New Egypt Speedway 1953-1992                          Part1   Part2    Part3

                                                                                 Part4   Part5    Part6

 New Market Speedway 1927-1934                        Part1

 New Yellow Jacket  Speedway 1951-1953            Part1

 Other New Jersey  Speedways 1926-1954             Part1

 Roosevelt Stadium 1951-1955                               Part1

 Ruppert Stadium 1950-1952                                 Part1   Part2   Part3 

 Trenton Fairgrounds 1900-1953                            Part0 Part1 Part2  

                                                                                 Part3  Part4

 Tri-City Stadium 1933-1941                                   Part1 

 Union Speedway 1936-1942                                   Part1 

 Wall Stadium 1950-1955                                       Part1     Part2

 Walt Keiper 1933-1947                                          Part1  Part2  Part3

 Woodbridge Speedway 1929-1937                        Part1